Good Neighbors Home Watch

Good Neighbors Home Watch, LLC offers dependable premium services for the many distinguished homes in PebbleCreek and the West Valley area, west of Phoenix, Arizona.  We are dedicated in perceiving, preventing, and treating problems as they arise.  Your home is a substantial investment, and we are a diligent company, that will help protect your investment from a wide array of potential problems.  Homeowners want to have confidence and peace of mind, knowing that their home is properly cared for by professionals.

Many homeowners are not aware that if your home is vacant for 30 days –

  • Many insurance companies consider your home abandoned.
  • Many homeowners policies will not pay for damages that occur while your house is vacant, leaving you responsible for paying for all damages, unless you have proof of professional monitoring, while you are away.

What Good Neighbors Home Watch does for you –

  • We are a professional insured, bonded and accredited home watch service performing comprehensive inspections.
  • We provide thorough inspections, with photos.
  • We inspect your property and identify problems or potential problems that can occur while your property is vacant.
  • We provide a physical presence that is not available through a remote alarm monitoring service.
  • We take care of your property like you would, if you were home, keeping your best interest in mind.
  • We are dedicated in perceiving, preventing, and treating problems as they arise.
  • We are a honest, hard working family.
  • All inspections have the date, time, and GPS coordinates of each inspection; proof that your home is monitored while you are away.
  • We help eliminate the anxiety many homeowners feel, when they are away from their home.
  • Our customized home monitoring provides you with the security of knowing your home is safe.
  • Our detailed inspection reports are sent directly to you, after each inspection.
  • We are bonded and insured, as well as proud accredited members of National Home Watch Association.
  • We uphold and reflect the code of ethics of the NHWA.
  • We can help with most requests you have, just contact us.
  • We are the solution to your home watch needs!


Relax and enjoy your travels, your home is in good hands!